Summer, Oh Glorious Summer!

Our days are getting longer, the snow has all but melted, the roads are clear, the birds are back and there is promise in the air. This is the beginning of Spring on Long Island. Pools are being uncovered, school is winding down and the pace of life is quickening. This is the time of year when your landscape designer is going to be getting very busy. It is perhaps never too early to call and establish an appointment for a consultation.

gazebo-211654_1280The trees slowly fill in providing a canopy over streets as they sweep to clean our air. The smell of salt air wafts across the counties and the sun is coming closer, trying to a better look at us it seems! Mother nature is about to put on her annual show of blossoming wonderment. Your landscape designer will help you set the stage for this show! As I reflect on the results of the landscape designers work, I can’t help but wonder if they are somehow descendants of mother nature, so artfully working with her gifts.

A neighbor who endlessly toils away on his lawn refers to it as green carpet rolling toward the road! Most of us, however, are not in retirement and don’t like to use our weekends tending to the lawns and flowerbeds we love so much. For most of us, tending to our vegetable gardens requires all the spare time we have. Landscape designers do such a magnificent job beautifying neighborhoods and providing a kaleidoscope of color, painting our bucolic Long Island enclaves with a veritable rainbow of seasonal gifts. There is perhaps no greater natural beauty.

Life on Long Island is a wonderful experience cast against a backdrop of a panoply of weather. Landscape designers will help you travel through the seasons with ease as their efforts will bestow a sense of pride upon you while providing visual delights for passersby. This is a very worthwhile investment indeed.