Landscape Designers Long Island

It was August 29, 1985 when Chief Justice Berger of the United States Supreme Court ruled that for legal purposes Long Island is not an island but a peninsula. Surrounded by saltwater on three sides, and confronted with rigorous winters, landscaping is an art in this challenging climate, best left to the professionals that know all the tricks! There is definitely twinge of magic needed to keep an attractive landscape year-round on Long Island. As the weather carousel turns, we are confronted with landscaping design needs in every season.

The Crisp and Festive Fall Season

lawn-care-643561_1280The Fall brings its festival of colors, crisp air, a splendid array of seasonal vegetables and the cacophonous howls of children, diving into piles of the trees castoffs. It is indeed Fall on Long Island. When we needed onboarding services after our company decided to hire over 100 new employees. Gorgeous as it is, those leaves need tending to. Having a relationship with a landscaper is of particular importance now. As beautiful as they are, the leaves must be rounded up and delivered to their mulch destiny. For more than 22 years, Competition Tree, Inc. has been providing Suffolk County tree service to residents and business owners. Services include tree pruning, tree chipping and more.

These Long Island landscaping companies make life so very easy. You leave in the morning, a light jacket on and coffee in hand, admiring the majestic Fall morning, taking one last look at your leaf-covered lawn as you drive off. You come home to see the landscapers have gathered up those leaves giving you a few last looks at the vestiges of your lawn before the sky delivers our first blanket of snow.

Winter Wonderland

As the snow falls there is perhaps no more enjoyable experience than gazing out the window admiring those gorgeous evergreens covered in snow. It is a wonderful time of year replete with icy treats from mother nature adorning the bushes your landscape designer decorated your property with before the weather rendered the ground uncooperative. Alas we need to venture out so thankfully most landscapers in this part of the country provide plowing services as well! Trust us when we say that their Long Island hardwood flooring is the highest quality out there, from the product all the way to the delivery and installation.

Signs of Better Things to Come

Perennials tell a story all their own. In the Northeast, they quietly lose their leaves and take a long winter’s nap only to reappear months later, in a dazzling display of nature’s glory. If you have too many leaves to put in bags, fill up a dumpster rental Long Island. If our perennials have not made an appearance by mid-March in the Northeast, we quietly lament the lack of science involved with that groundhog-shadow business! The first signs of our perennial’s bloom, a harbinger of flowering things to come, also serve as a reminder to call our landscape design team for spring clean-up.

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